for a better Wales



We can all have a part in keeping our children safe, the only quality we require of a volunteer is integrity. 

Our definition of 'integrity' is that you must be honest and have strong moral principles.

No matter what your age, sex, skills, vocation or circumstances, there is something you can do to keep Welsh children safe. You may have an idea that hasn't occurred to us yet. We are looking for people who can innovate and adapt, people who can lead, those who can follow and those that prefer to work alone. 

Please see below for volunteering opportunities or email us with more information about yourself if you would like to volunteer in other ways. 


Any information you provide will treated with the strictest confidence. 



Signature collectors   Our petition ends on September 1st and we are planning a trip to Cardiff on or around that date to present the petition to the National Assembly of Wales petitions committee on the steps of the Assembly. The more signatures we can collect the greater the impact the petition will have. We need parents, grandparents, carers and children themselves to collect signatures and hopefully to join us on the Assembly steps. If you would like to help us collect signatures for the petition please email us and tell us who you are, your location and a little bit more about yourself.




a collective vision for a BETTER NATION

Vision 1 - Keep our children safe.